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ART: Birds Painting

I recently launched another sale with 8 paintings & only 3 are left.

Today I wanted to highlight a piece I've done more than a few times for clients called "Birds".
This painting is one of my favorites & probably one of the prettiest in person. People ask me why this piece costs more than the other large ones...and the reason is because this painting takes around 3-4 days to complete. I literally have to do this piece in layers to make sure it turns out the way I want it.  I also add oils which takes longer to dry. 

Looking at this piece of art, I can picture it in a little girl's room, a home office or even a bedroom! It's versatile & seems to mix well in any space even with the pink colors! This Large BIRDS painting is currently available in my online gallery, see it here.

Hope you have a great weekend!! Happy Holidays. 

-1st pic by mia baxter (superimposed with my painting) + 3rd photo via Domino with painting superimposed.

My top 10 SheIn fashion picks

Hey guys, a friend recommended I visit this shop called SheIn.  

I really loved all the cute outfits they had available and the best part was they were unique & also VERY affordable! The every day gal could shop all the time on this site because they have sweaters, t-shirts, makeup brushes, shoes, gorgeous skirts (a la' Carrie Bradshaw) & more! I rounded up my top 10 pics from their site & will be purchasing a few of these faves for myself. Ladies, check them out here, you will not be disappointed. They also have amazing sales to save even more!  

happy holidays! 


How to Make a Flared Skirt in 2017 [FREE GUIDE]

There are some pieces of clothing that every stylish woman must have. A flared skirt is one of them. The easiest way is to buy one. There are so many stores that sell all kind of skirts. If you will be searching long enough, you will surely find what you are searching for. But, there are some women who like to wear unique pieces of clothing. If you are one of these women, you surely know how to sew. Well, this is the first step in creating a flared skirt, a midi skirt or a maxi skirt. You will also need a sewing machine or at least access to one and materials.

The great thing about making your own clothes is the fact that you can use any material or combination of materials you want.

How to Make a Flared Skirt in 2017 [FREE GUIDE]
How to Make a Flared Skirt in 2017 [FREE GUIDE] 

Where can I find materials for my flared skirt?

No matter if you want a midi skirt or a maxi skirt, you have to buy only very good quality products. There are some stores that sell materials. Some of them are online, so you don’t even have to leave your home in order to buy these amazing products. Make sure that the skirt you want to create cam be made from the material you bought. If you have never made your own clothes, do not worry, because on the internet you can find all kind of tutorials. There are even some video materials that are able to help you create amazing skirts. Do not worry if you are not able to create the perfect skirt from the first attempt.

If you want to create great products and even to sell them, you should take some sewing classes. Luckily for you, you might be able to find some online classes, so no matter where you are you can learn how to sew. Before you start sewing a skirt, you must make sure that it fits you. Store bought products are great, but handmade ones are amazing. It might be more difficult to start but once you have created the first pieces, you will surely become more courageous and you will create more and more. 

New Sweatshirt for the kids!!

Hey guys, I know many of us are anticipating Thanksgiving for some time off......but I wanted to give you a heads up & let you know we launched a new design in a sweatshirt! Check it out here in our kids shop : Cocoa & Hearts. - perfect timing as the weather is already getting chilly! - This unisex sweatshirt is only available in gray & in sizes 2T-4T for toddlers!

PLUS...you will get a FREE Hot Pink heart print with each sweater purchase! 

available at cocoa & hearts

TOP 5 Picks from SJP Shoe Collection

Hey guys, I have been contemplating if I am going to continue blogging. Each day that goes by I think I get more 'unmotivated'.  Wonder if anyone else feels this way? - Call me crazy but today out of nowhere, I saw Sarah Jessica Parker & felt inspired to write a NEW Year's Fashion post. As many of you know...the uncertainty our country faces can seem a little daunting & often times we need to put our minds on other things to get through the day.  Normally, when I feel inspired... it allows me to create & get away for a bit.  In this case, to start planning an outfit for the New Year.

If I know I am going out on New Year's eve, I tend to put together an outfit a few days after Thanksgiving. Since shoes are a BIG deal,  SJP has a great line & although it's not SUPER affordable, it's just one option. However, there are other budget friendly options at some of my faves like Mango & Zara you might like!  Here are my top 5 picks from the SJP collection.

P.S. I will try my best to blog, if not......then feel free to join me on instagram.

-post by jen ramos

Real Life: Balance

Being a mom & running a business is HARD work. There aren't enough hours in a day to do both as well as I'd like. I admit it. There are days I wish I had my nanny even longer, but then I'd never spend time with my son. It's all about perfecting balance I guess.....& that, I am still working on. Today I looked down at my little guy & he was wearing this t-shirt I designed. Says "mom & dad are my heroes" .... It made me smile. ...that maybe he thought I was doing just great... That in his eyes, I was HIS HERO.  

It made all this hard work today...feel a little better.

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T-shirt from my shop Cocoa & Hearts

Hey Moms, Check out the new shop!

Hey everyone! I have been working on some new things theses days, my apologies that I am not on here as much. However, for those not following on social media, you can now see the new Kids shop I've launched!

The t-shirts are for KIDS (boys & girls) 10 styles in the launch collection! We just LAUNCHED today! Shop for your kiddos give them as gifts ...Check them out at Cocoa & Hearts & take advantage of our launch discount code.

-pic by sage and sparkle