Happy National Watermelon Day!

One of my favorite things about our new house is this open cream wall that I am officially claiming as blog space. In every place that I have lived, I have struggled to find a decent background spot for photos that has good natural light and doesn’t reveal a cluttered background. It seems like a weird, even vain, thing, to be concerned about, but it’s a struggle. That’s part of the reason why I always jumped on the opportunity to shoot with the green rolling doors at my parents house where I think I look especially photogenic. I have always been on the verge of investing in some home studio equipment to elevate my photography, but this beautiful, naturally lit space, is already working like a charm. I still will definitely continue to peruse Amazon for soft lighting options, but the more spendy, bulky project of figuring out a backdrop can be on the back burner for a while. Today, I’m posing on my favorite wall with this adorable little green watermelon that was prettier on the outside than the inside. The watery fruit was plenty sweet, but had a mushy texture and orange complexion that was questionable. Usually, I avoid buying watermelons because I had one tragic experience my sophomore year of college when I bought, and then made it my mission, to eat an entire watermelon by myself. Don’t mar your love of something with too much of it! I think that I have just barely recovered. Happy holidays!

attachment1.pngP.S. Rafa Campos Salles is an up and coming singer and actor who is moving to Manhattan to pursue an artistic career. Follow his journey every day by following rafa-rafa on Snapchat and @rafacampossalles on Insta.
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Roofing in Northville, Michigan

If you live in Northville, Michigan, you know you live in a city in Oakland County described as having “A small-town atmosphere with stately Victorian era architecture in its Historic District and well-kept older homes built before the 1930s.” (Credit: city website). Such beautiful homes and businesses deserve to be covered by the best looking and highest quality roofs available, and Twelve Oaks Roofing is the roofing contractor that can make that happen. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, performing roofing maintenance, roof repairs, and new roof installations for residential and commercial property in many cities including West Bloomfield, Novi, South Lyon, Farmington Hills, Farmington, Walled Lake, and Wixom. We use only GAF, CertainTeed materials, and every one of our roofing professionals is certified, bonded, licensed  and insured. There’s no need to worry about climbing a ladder – our skilled roofing technicians have the job covered so you can sit back and relax.
Roofing in Northville, Michigan
Roofing in Northville, Michigan

We have a very hands-on business owner that is a seasoned U.S. military veteran – he’s always on site for every roofing project in Northville, MI, and even offers discounts to fellow veterans. We are the experts at examining your property for loosing and missing shingles, holes, leaks, and other imperfections. We also specialize in roofing maintenance, roof repairs, protective roof coatings, skylight installation and repairs, roof shoveling, roof ice dam repair, and roofing inspections.
Every new roof we install comes with a 100% lifetime warrantee and money back guarantee, and most new roofs can be installed and ready-to-go in just one day! You can’t find any better than that! We also offer financing plans and credit options to fit every budget and lifestyle.
No emergency is too big for Twelve Oaks Roofing – we have a 24/7 Emergency Response Roofing Team at the ready just in case a catastrophic storm hits your home or business, and insurance claims are a breeze with our end-to-end insurance support and assistance team.  If you are looking for a traditional roof, metal, or flat roofing, we have access to the latest styles and products the industry has to offer.

Call the #1 Roofing Contractor in Northville, Michigan at 248-525-6950 to set up your free, no obligation estimate and roofing inspection. Don’t forget to check out our website at www.twelveoaksroofing.com, and follow Twelve Oaks Roofing on Twitter and Facebook, too. We look forward to servicing all your commercial and residential roofing needs in Oakland County, Michigan.

I am a Pen Restorer And Hobbyist.

Hello everybody, Welcome to His Nibs. My beloved hobby is collecting fountain pens. I also enjoy restoring old pens and in order to pay for all the polishes, 

waxes and tools required - and to make it easier for all concerned I am showcasing these on Ebay. Any hobbyist will tell you that it is almost impossible to make any money at this.

I am a Pen Restorer And Hobbyist.
I am a Pen Restorer And Hobbyist.

 I certainly don t because each pen requires a combination of time and love. Fortunately I have plenty of both. The specialist polishes are very expensive, the equipment and tools are of a specialist nature, Ebay take a chunk, 

Fountain pen, pen, mechanical pencil, old pencil, Parker pen, Sheaffer pen

Paypal take a chunk and a percentage of almost every transaction goes to Tearfund. A fantastic charity I have supported privately and financially for many years. 

In modern terminology it is a Win - Win - Win situation. I enjoy my hobby which pays for itself, Tearfund get a donation every month and you end up with a lovely restored fountain pen at a great price. 

I offer a full refund if not delighted. Happy Browsing, Kevin

O.J. Simpson: The Relationship With His Father That He Rarely Spoke About

O.J. Simpson and his father, Jimmy Lee Simpson. (Photo: Mickey Osterreicher/ESPN Films via AP)
One of the many details that the new ESPN documentary O.J.: Made in America has brought out is the strained relationship the former football star had with his father, Jimmy Lee Simpson. 
O.J. Simpson: The Relationship With His Father That He Rarely Spoke About
O.J. Simpson: The Relationship With His Father That He Rarely Spoke About

The elder Simpson, a janitor, left O.J., his mother, and three other children, when O.J. was 4. Rarely was he around while the kids were growing up in an impoverished neighborhood of San Francisco. 
O.J. explained in a 1977 interview that he missed having his father there. 
“I resented his absence, especially when I became a teenager and was trying to find out who I was,” he told Parents magazine. “I really needed a man around then for guidance. I get along with my father now, but it’s taken years for me to come to terms with my feelings." 
Proof of O.J.’s relationship with his father is rare, especially in contrast to his relationship with his mother, Eunice, who died at 80 in 2001. The hospital orderly’s celebrity son named her as the most important person in his life during his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 
"You just don’t know what it is to be 8 years old and all your friends think you have the best mother in the neighborhood,” he said at the 1985 ceremony. 
Eunice passed away in the San Francisco house that O.J. bought for her in the 1970s, while he was playing for the 49ers.  

What Can a Reliable SEM Agency Do for You?

Marketing is a rapidly evolving aspect that embraces modern trends very quickly. With the introduction of the internet, marketing expanded its wings towards new heights and developed new strategies like search engine marketing. In the modern world, there is a huge demand for Search Engine Marketing services encouraging it to develop into a distinguished industry. Although many of the SEM agencies can deliver some sort of results in terms of marketing, it requires an experienced search engine marketing agency to perform strategic Search Engine Marketing.

What Can a Reliable SEM Agency Do for You?
What Can a Reliable SEM Agency Do for You? 

Strategic Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In simplest terms, SEM is a combination of different approaches implemented by SEM agencies. With the help of a professionally qualified SEM agency in Orlando Florida, you will be able to direct your business to build a highly dynamic corporate image in the cyber space while stabilizing the integrity of the brand. The expected end result of all these steps is to help the particular brand to become highly visible within the online community.

What can a reliable SEM agency do for you?

The advantage of selecting a well established SEM agency is that they carry out thorough marketing analyses prior to each search engine marketing campaign. Such analysis is capable of emphasizing the respective company’s current position in the relevant niche. Then the SEM agency will develop strategies based on such statistics expecting a positive change. During the process, facts like competitor activities and the customer behaviors are observed for optimal results. If your SEM partner is a professional agency that has very good subject knowledge, they will methodically analyze aspects like brand integrity, budget analysis, visibility and functionality at the initial level.

Main aspects of effective strategic SEM process
-          Visibility Analysis
Ways of maximizing genuinely qualified traffic towards a particular website is analyzed

-          Brand Integrity analysis
Detects harmful activities of the competitors that can hinder your branding process

-          Functionality analysis
At this process SEM agency observes the overall user-friendliness and the functionality of the respective website. 

-          Budget analysis
This is when the costs against revenues are observed. Possible ways to increase the benefit and reduce the expenditure are determined.  

Web analytics

Web analytics is another important aspect you can expect from a result-oriented SEM agency. In fact, web analytics is a statistical report that emphasizes the information about the visitors of your website. This is a great tool to identify the locations of the visitors too. Most importantly, this tool helps you to identify the type of the keywords your visitors enter and the frequency too.

Making websites SEO compatible

Apart from the textual contents, the design of a website influences on the rankings. These experts precisely know what search engines prefer and what they don’t. Further, they will help your website to get rid of bad server setup and hostile codes. Your SEM agency will ensure that your site passes all the validation processes and compliance requirements effectively and provide solutions to ensure a better ranking as the end result.

HMG, as one of the best search engine marketing agency in Orlando Florida, is dedicated as a team to guide your business towards the success. They are goal oriented and responsible to accomplish a perfect strategic SEM campaign that actually delivers results.

Net-a-Porter's About to Make All Your Gucci Dreams Come True

Getting your hands on a piece of Alessandro Michele-designed Gucci seems about as hard as getting an invite to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, but Net-a-Porter wants to help. Today the website will launch their first-ever exclusive capsule collection with Gucci, creating another destination for those must-have items.

Net-a-Porter's About to Make All Your Gucci Dreams Come True
Net-a-Porter's About to Make All Your Gucci Dreams Come True

"It's a wardrobes worth of real treasures, spanning ready-to-wear through bags and shoes, scarves, and a wallet, " Sarah Rutson, VP of global buying for Net-a-Porter, told us via email. That means everything from pussy bow blouses and ladylike skirts to Dionysus bags and, of course, those backless loafers everyone and their mom are itching to wear. "We made the decision to fully support Alessandro Michele and the Gucci brand from his very first collection (building it up to one of the top three ready-to-wear businesses on Net-a-Porter) so they were a natural partner for us," Routson wrote. "This was a collaboration based on Alessandro's creativity and our commercial and customer insight."
She continued, "Gucci has had such an impact on the overall aesthetic and mood of fashion in recent seasons, this seemed like the perfect moment to collaborate and create something special." Shop the full collection before it sells out on net-a-porter.com. 

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis Rushed to Hospital

Red Hot Chili Pepper's frontman, Anthony Kiedis, was rushed to the hospital on Saturday ahead of the band's headlining spot at KROQ's Weenie Roast Festival in Irvine, California.

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis Rushed to Hospital
Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis Rushed to Hospital

The 53-year-old singer was reportedly rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains, according to Billboard. KROQ, a local rock station in Los Angeles, let fans know about the cancellation via Twitter at 10:30 p.m. PT, roughly 30 minutes after the band was scheduled to take the stage.

Kiedis' bandmates, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer took to the stage at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre to apologize to the crowd of 16,000.
"Anthony is on the way to the hospital right now, and we're unable to play this evening," Flea said. "We are devastated about it. We're really sad. We love you so much. We live to rock."
"We live to f**king dig deep into the depths of our hearts and rock," he added, "but unfortunately, there's a medical thing that happened, and he needed to deal with it."
Smith later took to Twitter to address fans as well. "NO one's more disappointed than us that we couldn't perform tonight," he wrote. "Sending love and a speedy recovery to my brother Anthony."

Weezer ended up closing out the festival, which also featured performances by Fitz and the Tantrums, Panic! at the Disco, Garbage and Cold War Kids.
The rock band's next concert is scheduled for May 17 in Burbank, California, but there's no word yet on if they will perform.
ET reached out to RHCP's reps for comment, who had no further comment on Kiedis' health.