Diet Plans to Lose 25 pounds or More – Diet Plan That Works!

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Out of so many diet plans out there it is kind of hard to find the one you need. There are a lot of diet plans to lose 25 pounds or more, but you need the one that is going to work on getting the pounds off, and keeping them off! One of the diets that is very popular is the Calorie shifting diet.

The system of this diet is unique. You will be able to eat 4 meals per day but very small meals. These meals are not going to make you full, but you will be satisfied. The system is designed so the diet tricks your body to think that you are not on a diet!

The food you are going to eat will very from day to day. You will originally be on a diet 11 days. On the day one, you are going to generate a diet selecting the food you are going to eat for those 11 days and than you actually go off diet for 3 days calling it cheat days.

There are a lot of different foods you will be able to eat. Food such as milk, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc, but again since this is a calorie shifting diet, the calories will shift each day.

The diet is designed so you lose 9 pound every 11 days. With this diet plan you can lose 25 pounds in little over a month.

There are people who will cheat during those 11 days. If you cheat, you will still lose weight but not as much. It is important to stay on the diet plan and follow it closely.

The reason why most likely you are going to keep the pounds off is because the goal of calorie shifting diet program is to speed up your metabolism. Unlike starving diets, where you actually slow down your metabolism.

With the shifting of the meals you can easily lose the unwanted pounds. It is easy to do and easy to follow, you just need to stick to it. The discipline is the only way this diet plan to lose 25 pound or more will work.

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