How to Cure Diabetes With a Diabetes Low Fat Diet

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These days the world of full diseases and illnesses due to weight problems. Yes obesity and overweight problems are a major cause of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Today i am going to talk about how i cured my diabetes with diabetes low fat diet. Yes that's right i cured my diabetes and became free of symptoms after following a few steps. These steps are not hard and if followed religiously they will cure your diabetes easily.

You see the pharmaceutical companies and even the medical profession make things complicated for people. Let me ask you a question. Lets say 2000 years ago were there diseases like diabetes and cancer. Even if there were people in those days have medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs like we have now? So how did they cure themselves? Do not you think that if you get rid of the cause the cure will not be necesssary.

If every obese or overweight person lost weight the incidence of diabetes will diminish. There is a simple way that i incorporated to get rid of my diabetes without drugs of any kind. I call it diabetes low fat diet. This is what it entails:

Detoxify Yourself.

First of all you should set aside time to go on a five day fast. Yes a five day fast. So if you work you will have to get time off to do this fast properly. When you are ready to start on the first day lie in bed and make sure you have enough water and reading material and a television you can watch. Under no circumstances will you be eating food for the whole five day duration

You will only be drinking water, not juice or alcohol. just pure water. When you feel hungry just drink water. By the end of the first day you will be very hungry but require and just drink water. By the end of the third day the hunger pangs will have completely gone away and you will feel euphoric believe it or not.

Start The Diabetes Low Fat Diet.

Once the five day fast is up. It is time to start eating again. But hold it. You will not be going back to the same old eating plan you are used to. You will start a new way of eating. This will include all types of vegetables like spinach, kale, tomatoes, green lettuce, cucumber, onions, etc. Just use your imagination to make them into salad dishes. You will also eat superior protein like chicken, the leanest meats, fish, nuts, etc.

Under no circumstances will you eat grains like bread. Nor beans. No alcohol or fizzy drinks with sugar in them. To be honest sugar is the worst drug ever known to mankind. It has caused so much damage it is unbelivable.

Start An Exercise Program.

There is no way you can be truly healthy and disease free without exercise. You can not escape it. Workout at least three or four time a week for maximum results.

So if you follow this diabetes low fat diet and do it for the reminder of your life i will guarantee that after the first three years of practice you will become diabetes free, and that's a promise.

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