Major Causes of Train Accidents

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Trains are a common mode of transport and many modifications are being made on them to make them as good as other modes of transport. This means that the trains, which have been known to be slow are now quite fast and there is no much difference with other means. More people are therefore now using them and as a result, more people are being involved in train accidents. There are several causes of accidents.

One of these is a faulty train. This might mean that the train has a certain malfunction. It may lose control and cause a crash. There may be mechanical problems that may be caused by a problem in the engine. Engine is the heart of any mobile means of transport, and if it experiences major mishaps, then it can cause accidents. It can also be caused by over speeding of the train that can make the train to topple over. Faulty train wheels are also likely to cause accidents.

The rails of a train path way may also cause a train accident. The rails may be broken or have barriers on them that may restrict the movement of the train. The rails may also be unstable or misaligned.

The other common reason would be due to human error. This might mean that the driver of the train may not be paying attention to what is on the pathway. It is easy to avoid causing accidents if you are observant enough. The train driver can always stop the train in time if he notices there is an obstruction on the way. The driver should make sure that the lighting system is working effectively. Broken lights can also hinder his vision on the path, especially at night.

Human error can also mean that there may be a break down on communication. Trains have people who handle the lines and know which train is using which route. If there is misunderstanding or confusion in the lines, then even a head on collision is possible if trains use the same line.

Train accidents also happen when it passes over weak bridges. A bridge may get weak because of continuous use and age, bridges that are not repaired or replaced on time will eventually break down. Such accidents can also be caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Bridge accidents are very fatal as many people may be involved in this. The passengers in the train, pedestrians and the vehicles using the pathway can be injured by this kind of accident.

On board explosions can also be a source of accidents. This is when there is too much pressure on the boiler. It causes a boiler explosion that can be very dangerous. It may cause serious burns as well as accidents. In steam trains, there can be furnace explosions.

Overloading of cargo in trains can also cause train accidents. If the train is not balanced and especially when turning into a sharp end, it will most likely topple. Care should therefore be taken when overstocking cargo in a train.

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