Why Does not The Diet Work For Me Like It Did For Other People?

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You sometimes get the feeling that you're gaining weight out of thin air. With all the restrictions you apply on yourself, you still can not lose a few pounds like your friends did. Why? There are a few mistakes that annihilate the effects of the most effective diets!

You're skipping breakfast.

The biggest mistake during diets is skipping breakfast. Nutritionists say that breakfast is the best way to increase the metabolism. The stomach and the spleen are in their best shape in the mornings, therefore the food is digested fast and transformed in energy for the day.

You eat only a little.

When the portions are small, your brain will think this is a food shortage, and will order the body to slow down the metabolism and make reserves. A big part of what the body gets is transformed and stored as fat! The rule says: little and often!

You're not giving up sugar.

Even if you use sugar to sweeten the morning coffee, and the quantity is little with very few calories, sugar slows down the metabolism. And if you use it in the morning, the whole day is compromised, and so is your effort!

You eat any kind of cheese.

Margarine, fat milk, cheese, pressed cheese are hard to digest and full of fat that lies! You may choose non-fat milk or soy milk.

Give up fat completely.

There are good fats (vegetable oil, fat fish, almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds). Eliminating fat foods makes burning fat by the body more difficult. Do not give fat foods up, only eliminate from your diet fried foods, butter, lard, fat sausages and cheeses.

You're eating in the evenings.

Your last meal should be at 19:00, for your body to be able to consume the energy given by digesting the dinner. Otherwise, the body stores more food, the digestion is slower while sleeping, which causes fattening.

You're consuming too many proteins.

Excluding some foods from your regimen because they contain too many calories and replacing them with proteins with a smaller calories take causes serious alterations to your general health state: constipation, sudden mood swings, huffs, dizziness, headaches, and the worse thing, slowing metabolism , which means losing pounds even harder than before. Unhealthy fat are those found in red meat and butter, so give them up!

You give up too easily.

Even if you do not lose pounds that easily, the diet should be kept more than a week, only then your body will really react to the change and act as it should: lose pounds.

You do not drink water.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Water is a natural inhibitor of appetite and keeps you from being hungry too.

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